Valley Dairy Grand Forks, ND



How it Works:
We have two ways to help with your fundraising-

  1. Sell Full Service Car Wash certificates
    • Your group can sell our full service car wash certificates for $13.00 ($14.95 value), and you make 30%.  
    • No upfront investment.
    • Organizations may sell up to 100 certificates.
    • Certificates do not expire.
    • Your group can return any certificates that are not sold.
    • You may sell the certificates for up to 30 days.
    • Organization may receive and sell additional tickets once they have paid for initial tickets within 31 days.
    • At conclusion, the Chairperson will return unsold certificates and the payment for the sold tickets, at which point Valley Car Wash will issue your organization 30% of the sales.

  2. Hold a Car Wash Event
    • Invite friends, family, business associates, etc. to wash their vehicle at our University & North Washington location on a day and time (up to 4 hours) you have chosen.
    • Representatives of your group will ask customers what type of wash they would like - either Extreme, Works, Super.  
    • Our professional staff will wash the vehicles.
    • Other members of your group will thank customers at the exit end.
    • If you have a tip jar – customers may tip your group.
    • Your organization will receive:
    • 50% for every Extreme Wash Sold
    • 40% for every Works Wash Sold
    • 30% for every Super Wash Sold

How to Get Started:

Your organization should call 701-746-8371 and ask for information on car wash fundraising.

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