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Treats by Tressa
Treat Tackle Boxes

Treats by Tressa <br> Treat Tackle Boxes

Father's Day may be coming quickly, but I have a sweet treat that is a great gift for Dad from the kiddos (to go with his Valley Car Wash Certificates).


  • 1 Supply Organizing Box 
  • Gummy Worms (Albanese Gummy Worms on Sale @ Valley Dairy) 
  • Sour Gummy Octopus Candies
  • Gummy Sharks
  • Optional- Mini Bobbers


1. Find a supply box perfect for this fisherman's treat tackle box (or Dad's favorite snacks & candies). They can be found at the Dollar Store, Target, Walmart, etc. 

2. Let the kiddos assemble the box by filling it with the sweet treats or yummy snacks. 

3. Tape the kids' fishy drawings or Father's Day card to the supply box & this delicious treat tackle box will sure to make Dad smile!